looking for old post about machine effects
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    Default looking for old post about machine effects

    about a month ago i saw a post on the forum with some chick telling how to do a nice build up effect with a echo off i have been searching for ages and cant find it any help.

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    'some chick'?

    Surely you must know that chicks cannot DJ, indeed the only echo they know is the echo of the marital cave they are cleaning, as you go out to bludgeon a T-Rex to death with your bare hands for supper?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad_webb_87 View Post
    Greetings gentleman,

    Twas approximately a month ago in which I stumbled upon a topic created in this community which spoke of a certain audible effect which I find pleasurable. From what I can recollect, it was formulated by a female with a rather sharp prowess on this subject, and wish to relish in the learnings which she shared abroad.

    Good day.
    There, fixed!

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