Are ER-20 earplugs enough? If not then what?
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    Default Are ER-20 earplugs enough? If not then what?

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I came out of I think the loudest gig I've ever played. I did use some gel ear plugs. But i came out with pretty bad ringing still. Now I've already had tinnitus since forever, not due to any loud music (i think). I recently went to my doctor and saw an audiologist and i did some hearing tests. My hearing is still perfect, so the tinnitus is nothing to worry about he says.

    So I bought some ER-20 earplugs recently, and they're supposed to reduce sound by 20 Db but their Db rating is only 12. To people who use ER 20s, do you find that they are adequate? If not I might just stick to foam earplugs used for heavy machine work that have a Db rating of like 20-25 but muffle sound pretty bad....

    Oh also, I can't afford those $200 custom earplugs yet.
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    I've had a pair of ER20s since last summer. I've taken them to clubs a number of times and they do a pretty good job, considering I was pretty close to the main speakers and emerged mostly unscathed*!

    However, I find they stick too far out my ears (even without the extra cord), so there's no way I could wear my headphones on top.
    The day I actually play there, it'll have to be lower profile plugs.

    *disclaimer : clubs are supposed to max out at around 100dB in France.
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    they are pretty effective when they're in your ear properly, but I can see how in really loud situations they might not be enough (plus good luck putting headphones on top of them). I'd just save up for some musicians earplugs and hope for the best until then (this is actually what I'm doing right now)

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    I use them and love them and DJ with them. Won't leave home without them!

    They're better than nothing, that's for sure. And they're super cheap, just buy a pair and try for yourself.
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