External mixing thought project
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    Default External mixing thought project

    So i was thinking; if u mix external in combination with VCI 100 u have 8 knobs remaining (the EQ and gain knobs) on the VCI itself that are not used at that time. Now i want some thoughts of how to map those remaining buttons in a creative way. I was thinking remapping them as FX knobs or make it a filter section with LFO's and 92 filters or something like that. Then i would have 2 tsi files with the 3.1 mapping and then 1 if i mix internal and 1 for external mixing. Anybody has other idea's of using those buttons for different things?
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    check out this thread: http://www.djtechtools.com/2009/02/0...bs-in-traktor/

    there is an earlier article if you search the blog for smart knobs

    those two entries and comments should give you some ideas

    good luck.
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    sounds like a good idea tho, just duplicate and then alter the mapping,and have two seperate mappings for different situations.
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