USB hub....not working with audio4 and vci100
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    Default USB hub....not working with audio4 and vci100

    So my laptop only has 2 usb ports and I have my vci-100, audio 4, and a external HD that all need to be plugged in. So I bought a USB hub from radio shack and it will read that something is there but it wont tell me what. Power is generated and will run the vci and audio 4 but they wont connect...? Any ideas?

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    Sounds like the USB hub doesn't run enough power over it's lines to the devices. Generally speaking, if you have that many devices where you can't afford any kind of failure during use (like when you are DJing) you really want to be using a powered USB hub. Is that the case with yours?

    I'd suggest moving the soundcard over to it's own USB port not on the hub since it's the thing you want to never fail the most. (not that you want others to not work). Try just running the hard drive and VCI off of the hub.

    If that fails, I'd guess you just got to get a better HUB. There was a review of USB hubs here on DJTechTools not too long ago with some excellent recommendations.


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