presonus firebox/vista pc issue:
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    Default presonus firebox/vista pc issue:

    im hoping someone with more pc knowlege that myself may provide some insight :

    if have a firebox connected to my dell 540s windows vista home premium pc with latest presonus firebox drivers installed ( it's connected properly and outputs sound to connected speakers on main channels 1 and 2 as expected. it outputs sound from itunes and traktor dj studio (with headphone cues on channel 3 and 4). however, when the pc is left to idle (sometimes a few hours, sometimes overnight) it quits outputting sound from all programs. the blue firewire connection light is on and i can see under the "sound" option in "control panel" that presonus firebox channel 1 and 2 is selected for main output AND that channel's playback monitor is receiving and registering a signal but i get no sound from the speakers. i have to always restart the pc to get sound back. this is an inconvenience but moreover im worried about the sound dropping out mid set. not sure whats going on...why it works upon startup but then quits... driver conflict? .....i hope someone can troubleshoot this frustrating issue. thank you sincerely for your time and effort!!

    just noticed that i can get sound back by unplugging the firewire cable from the unit and then hot plugging it back in. there must be a pc setting that is putting the firewire port to sleep after some time?

    note: i have no issues with this audio interface under my mac os x setup

    thanks again,

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