Headphones: what do you use/what would you get
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    Default Headphones: what do you use/what would you get

    Hello everybody,
    just wanted to throw a new topic up because we all see what sort of stuff that everyone is using like decks, mixers, controllers, software etc. and the quality of them, but not much is being said about the headphones that are being used.

    It would be interesting to hear what headphones you are wearing, your opinion about what you like and dislike, and what other headphones you are interested in.

    Im using the Sennheiser HD-202's, not exactly ideal for DJing but then yet again not bad as they do the job for me. (also use them for gaming)
    So far they have been a quality product for me, worked well for the past year and a bit, great sound, extra bass, medium noise isolation. Great for comfort, I have had headphones before that make your head and ears ache after a few hours of use but with these i have had no problems.
    The cord extends for 3 meters which seems a little crazy to me, but luckily you get something to wrap the cord around.

    The only disappointing part I have come across is the adjusting mechanism, because its all plastic over time it will wear out and the phones will slide, but because I rarely adjust my headphones it hasnt been a great problem to me.

    I am looking into buying either the Reloops RHP 10's (ceramic mint or LTD's) or sony 700's

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    nth topic about this.. search the forums mate

    if I remember correctly sennheiser HD-25 II and Pioneer HDJ-2000 are good choices. sony 700 also came up.

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