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    I am using an m-audio 49 v3 keyboard with traktor pro

    I want to make 3 modifiers.

    Right now i have three piano white keys with two black keys above them

    ...[B] [B]
    [W] [W] [W]

    I want to make it so that the two black keys can control what effect is being selected for fx unit two. This unit is a chained unit. I will have the black key on the right do next and the one on the left do previous.

    So, with the three keys below the black ones i want to have it so when i hold the first one and press the black keys it will change the 1st effect,

    Then do the same

    So for the second key for the 2nd effect hold down the second key and the 3rd effect the 3rd key

    Im guessing i need to make three modifiers one for each key, any help would be great thanks
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    Yeah that's right, create 3 modifiers, and the create new functions that work when the modifiers are pressed

    This has been asked many times, search...

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