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    which is better vci-100se or stanton system 3 they have a crazy deal on the
    system 3 can you up grade to traktor pro. If you buy a vci -100se can it come
    with traktor pro pre installed,I also have a MOTU 828mk3 is this ok for what
    I need for the vci -100se,thanks in advance

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    Both the VCI and the Stanton come with the same Traktor LE which is upgradable to the full PRO quite cheaply.

    Firstly ive no experience of the MOTU so i googled and i assume its a 19" rack mount firewire sound card ? I imagine it will do the job just fine , if a little over top.

    The Stanton system is pretty cool. You need to get used to the touch technology which for the centre circle for scratching and stuff is awesome. I got used to it in minutes. It feels odd but is quite responsive. Much more so that the VCI jog wheels that just fly off the handle and take a lot of getting used to.

    I found the pitch fader less easy to use as they are a bit odd to use. You touch the slider and it moves to that position so sudden jumps can be an issue but i guess that something you would get used to.

    The VCI is much more traditional in its layout and use. Its all knobs and fader which are self explanatory. Much more hands on and easy to use that the Stanton with its Button Mode and pages.

    I was impressed with the stanton but it would suit me really. I like stuff to be right there in front of me rather than hidden. Knobs and fader are more my thing.


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    the soundcard is more than enough for what you need with both systems.
    cant help you with the decision though...and i'm afraid that no one on here really can since the differences are completely related to the feel of the controllers and the workflow.
    btw, which store has the crazy deal on the stanton system? i'm in the market for one myself.
    Stanton SCS3 System

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    I love the stanton units for effects, but as an all in one djing setup i think its pushing it a bit far. They go very well complimenting a VCI-100 though in my opinion. I own 1x VCI-100 1x SCS3d and 1x SCS3m

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