Well, my aspect of how the Tpro (vrs1.2.4) 4 deck implementation with the vci should be. I'm posting this for anyone who is interested and maybe some of you gets inspired by something.
Tried to make it as simple as i could, and also to implement everything I needed and could use.
Before i explain it would be good to take a look at the image.
You will notice White Letters/Blue Letters/Yellow Letters/Green Letters
All this is color coding,
White Letters are Basic and Primary Functions
Blue Letters are Secondary functions. They work together with the FUNCTION (a hold) button located besides VINYL button for each deck
Yellow Letters are Hot Cue mode
Green Letters are for FX page 3 explanation
First of all you will notice in the .zip file 4 diefferent .tsi files
that is because i have devided the whole maping into 4 sections
a. Browser
b. Deck&EQ
c. Effects
d. FX Automation (just an automation i added recently)

You will need to load all 4 for it to work, as it was designed to, and to activate the same vci-100 as input and output [that is, to all 4 of them, the same vci]
But you can also use the individual sections if you want with your .tsi

a. Browser
BROWSER VIEW: Toggles the Browser view only
List/Tree: Toggles from list to tree, when not lighted its List so the browsing section will act as ListUp/ListDown/Load Left/Load right, When lighted the browsing section will act as TreeUp/TreeDown/Collapse/Expand
4Deck View: This will toggle between the views, So i have created as a primary a 2 deck view, and secondary a 4 deck view. this is how it is made to work
4 BLACK BUTTONS: Are primarily Focus Buttons as HC1 & HC2 and Loop Length the other 2. A deck gets focused when Loading a track and when you hit the LOOP button. Also these 4 black buttons are the 4 FX assign buttons so together with FUNCTION button on each deck they will route an FX to that deck.
The Preview Buttons works as a hold button and when previewing the LOAD Left&Right buttons are Rewind and Fast Forward. Also these 2 buttons (Load Left & Load right) Together with Function will do BeatJump Back/Forward on that deck

Everything is as labeled,the extras i would like to explain is
FUNCTION & JOG WHEEL will seek into the track
FUNCTION & FILTER will change the KEY
FUNCTION & MONITOR CUE is an automation i use (this is the fx automation.tsi if you don't like it don't load it)
it works like this:
It is actually a Delay with Freeze
I have dedicated FX number 2 to do the job, so when pressing FUNCTION and a CUE MONITOR button Automatically:

1. That Deck will be routed to FX number 2
2. The DELAY Fx will be selected
3. It will turn ON the FX, and The Freeze function
4. Also it will Change the values of the FX to preselected values
5. And if there is another deck routed to FX 2, automatically deactivates
To understand better, load a track on Deck A then HOLD FUNCTION button and push the MONITOR CUE of DECK A, to deactivate do the same
The same thing happens with all the other decks.
The same thing will happen by pressing either left or right FUNCTION BUTTON
Another cool thing you can do is doing it with 2 songs when playing at the same time, once with Deck A->HOLD FUNCTION button and push the MONITOR CUE of DECK A, then without deactivating it HOLD FUNCTION button and push the MONITOR CUE of DECK B, do that for DECK A again and so on....

c. FX Section

Well this might be a little hard... The VCI-100 has three Pages, I just Added another 3 with a Modifier labeled BANK B, So...
PAGE 1/BANK A: FX1, the 2 little black buttons will change the effects, in Chained mode the top will change Slot 1,and the bottom will change Slot 2
PAGE 1/BANK B: You can change each FX from ADVANCED to Chained and vice versa

PAGE 2/BANK A: FX2, the 2 little black buttons will change the effects, in Chained mode the top will change Slot 1,and the bottom will change Slot 2
PAGE 2/BANK B: In Bank B you get all 4fx engines DRY/WET knobs and ON/OFF buttons

PAGE 3/BANK A: This is dedicated to FX3&4 , I use them as Chained Effects,
The First 2 pots and buttons are for FX3 Slot1&2, Pots and buttons 3&4 are for FX4 Slot1&2. The Little Black buttons will change the Dry Wet
PAGE 3/BANK B: Use the Pots to change the fx in that Slot, Press the Buttons underneath for preset (you can change the Presets from within the .tsi)

For Last,
All 4 volume faders are dedicated and do just what they say.
The Copy functions works as A<->C,B<->D
When not on Vinyl Mode you are on CDDJ mode
You can not use FUNCTION for 2 decks simultaneously

I hope I covered everything