Ever since I hooked my Maschine up to Traktor I've been playing with different mappings and just playing with the Maschine setting the cue spots for doing mixes and stuff ... now I'm getting ready to record and my deck four flips out... and of course I have my outport and inport setup for outport 7 & 8 ... can I NOT have both settings the same? so am I going to have to go with Three decks cause I do want to record within Traktor?

question 2: somebody please help: here's the what I have:
(2) cdj1000mkIII
(1) Behringher DDM4000 Mixer
(1) audio 8
(1) Traktor Scratch Pro
(1) Traktor Maschine
(1) MPC Sampler
HP Laptop
and later this week Traktor X1 kontrol

I also downloaded the mappings for my Maschine ( and it is a really good mapping... I just got used to have a lot of cue points from traktor itself for the Maschine) from DJ Endo with Dub Spot(dubspot.com)

HOW should I have all of this hooked up and setup in Traktor ???????

But I do want to record in Traktor cause it is real good quality recording... unless somebody has another idea???? HELPPPPPP... lol

Thanks for ALL of YOUR Help fellow DJ's

Chris aka DJ Panic