Hard drive partition size?
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    Default Hard drive partition size?


    Am planning on making a new user account solely used for DJing, however i have a few nooby questions..

    1) How large should i make this new partition? I have 244Gb free currently on my C: drive, and i store all my music externally...

    2) When i create the partition with a clean install of windows, how do i "link" a new user account to that partition, so when i sign in as the DJ account it's using the new partition?

    3) When setting up the new account, should it be another Admin account? That way it has the ability to change system settings, however will these changes affect my regular user account?

    Thanks heaps for your help Dont know where i'd be without this forum haha

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    Personally i like install my OS again creating a dual boot format. The reason i would advise this is if your MAIN OS ever crashes from just daily use, it wont affect the other OS on the second partition.

    The actual size of the partition dosnt really matter

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    Agreed with ^ this guy

    Here is what i would do:
    (I might make mistakes, thats because i havent used Windows in a while, so double check)

    For the size for a new partition:
    work out the total GB's of music
    + (+/-) 10GB for operating system minimum (if i remember vista & 7 are around 7.5gb)
    then work out how much music you will collect in the next year(s)
    Copy all the stuff you want transferred onto a back-up drive.
    Then partition the drive

    Then for the technical part: (make your pc dual boot, make sure you double check this!!)

    -Make sure you have working windows install discs
    -Start your PC from the new partition with the windows CD's in the drive
    -follow on-screen instructions -> install windows.
    -after windows has installed and you have created a new account, simply put all your copied stuff from your back-up drive onto the new account (if your stuff is well organized it helps when copied/saves time)
    -Set up your start up disk as the one you want to normally boot from (if this exists in windows)

    or alternatively do this:

    2) Clone your current hard drive which saves having to re-install windows but im unsure how that works as i have only done that with OSX


    -go down to your local apple store
    -purchase a mac
    -copy all your stuff on that
    -Congratz you are now moving forward in the world of technology

    I hope that this helps you but as I said please double check about partitioning and installing Windows for dual booting

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