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    Is this controller intended to be used with a mixer? I am interested in it but am wondering how one would crossfade, as their is no Crossfader.

    I already have an apc40, novation nocturn, and launchpad. For some reason I feel like the x1 will be more portable and self contained. I am running a MacBook pro 13 with an audio 2 DJ. I am on traktor pro - not scratch (that isn't important to me).

    Would love to get feedback on the x1 vs the other controllers I listed. What are your experiences with the X1? Whats the best part? What is the worst part of it?


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    you have to use the X1 along with a mixer.... so you would need something along with the X1

    For me -
    best part: lots of buttons and knobs, solid construction, plays nice with traktor
    bad part: no faders, requires a hub if using 2 on mbp. thats it as of yet...
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