Strange sound card/MIDI issue
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    Default Strange sound card/MIDI issue

    I use my laptop (which is flagging) mostly and all works fine. However, as my laptop is struggling at the moment, I decided to use my desktop for practising.

    I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX sound card in it. I've set it up to use Creatuve ASIO 2 in, 4 out setting, with a pair of Bose PC speakers to be used as monitors. I'm using a VCI100 as a controller.

    However, whenever I press certain buttons, like play, juggle, loop etc, it seems to be sending some kind of strange MIDI signal to my PC making a piano key noise whenever they're pressed.

    I've played with setting but can;t for the life of me find out where to turn it off. Any ideas!?
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    Go to the Windows Mixer, and MUTE the internal sound card midi synth.

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