Mods Needed For SoundCloud Group.
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    Hey guys.

    I'm looking for someone who's into (and knows a bit about) psytrance, progressive etc and who's reasonably active on soundcloud to give us a hand modding our group. Pretty easy job, just pop over when you are on there and see if there is anything new to vet. Wasn't so bad at the start but now we have over 450 members and lots of new stuff most days, so even with four modding it can creep up if no-one checks the page.

    Styles we want:

    Psytrance/Full On/Killer Psy/Suomisaundi/Forest/Goa Trance
    Progressive House (Sets)/ Progressive Trance
    Original Tracks/Remixes

    What we don't want:

    Electro/Fidget, Techno, 10 Min Mixes, Spam Tracks (The Ones that people send to 50 groups to make themselves look better), etc.

    Hit me up if interested.


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    i only like progressive house out of all of them, what i don't get is that you don't want 10min mixes, so what do you want, 1hour mixes?

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