setting up the tap function in traktor HELP!!
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    Default setting up the tap function in traktor HELP!!

    Hey guys

    Im still learning traktor, and have just come across this tap function and was told that its similar to abletons tap, where u can tap in beat with an external track and u can match the your tempo to that. Is this correct with traktor?

    I basically want to know how i set it up and then use it within traktor, the reason for this is that im playing at a party on saturday and will be playing with a vinyl dj and want to be able to mix from his tracks to mine easily.

    i know i should be able to beat match but im still not great at it and dont want to fuck up the mix during the night.

    Would really appreciate the help


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    You have two options. You can do this with your mouse or with MIDI.

    If you use your mouse you need to make sure your clock setting is set to internal and you just tap the little tap button. Another option is to ask that DJ what the final BPM is and set that yourself and sync the deck to it.

    Through MIDI you just need to set the commands to set the clock type to internal and set a tap button, which I think can be done in Add -> Master Clock but I could be wrong on that.

    Make sense?
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