Soundcard: NI Audio Kontrol 1
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    Default Soundcard: NI Audio Kontrol 1

    Anyone else using this card? I got it as part of a deal from the retailer. I'm not too knowledgeable in the finer points of sound card mechanics yet, but sound quality and latency reduction are excellent in my opinion.

    Limited number of mono outs though (only 4) which might restrict me eventually. But for the moment it's more than enough. Also has 3 MIDI assignable buttons and a continuous rotary dial on top.
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    I have the same soundcard and I am fairly happy with the NI Audio Kontrol 1; The only thing I have noticed mine sounds a little muddy, not sure why but I am going from the out into my EQ to modify the sound which helps.

    I'm wondering if I am able to increase the output bitrate somehow (not sure how to determine the output biteate) will it help the output sound quality? The bitrate of my music is 320K so I would have thought the sound would have been better, but maybe it's my settings.

    So I would be grateful for any useful information as well,

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