Cue Play issue on VCI 100
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    Default Cue Play issue on VCI 100


    i've been trying to get around this for a while but i cant work it out myself. here's my problem:

    in Traktor Pro: if a track has been stopped in a deck and is NOT playing, if i hit the cue/play button on my VCI (next to play/stop) Traktor will set a new cue point from the location im currently at in that track and start playing that deck. however, if the track is playing and i hit the cue/play button it jumps back to the cue point i've set earlier...which is what i want.

    so, how do i stop Traktor from setting a cue point when the deck is not playing?? all i want is for the cue/play button to jump back to a cue point i've already set myself at an earlier stage. i dont want that button to set a cue point at all. i already have the set-cue button for that..

    *im using defualt tsi that came with my VCI.*

    can anyone help pls?


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    look through the tsi for anything to do with 'cue set' chances are there's one of those on each cue button. remove it and problem solved

    i hope....

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    I would say just press play/stop again and then hit cue/play or cue/pause.

    For me that's the point of the difference of buttons.

    Alternatively set up a hotcue (hc1) at the beginning of the track and press a button mapped for hc1 (you could map something on your keyboard)

    If you got a regular vci-100 FW 1.2 you could try downloading my mapping which has a hc/cuejuggling mode.

    check it out:
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    Instead of using Cup use Jump to Active Cue
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    I had the same problem... but when I started using hot cue points I'm just ignoring the traditional setting-a-cue-point-when-loading-the-track.

    I'm using a nanopad for that btw.

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    that must be so annoying dude. I have mine set up to "play on release" and to drop a cue point with a modifier. not a vci, but same principle
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    Default thanx guys

    guys...thanx to everyone who helped me out here!!

    DvlsAdvct, thx u made it ...its working perfectly now. just what i needed!!

    love this forum

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