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  • would be an extra fx controller: 8 way digital arcade joystick 4 analogue sliders/knobs

    12 40.00%
  • mixer support: 4 push buttons to mark headphone cue on/off a/b/c/d 4 sliders for deck volume a/b/c/d

    3 10.00%
  • more designated fx 4 buttons 4 sliders/knobs

    6 20.00%
  • fx 2 analogue joysticks 4 pushbuttons

    5 16.67%
  • Other, please explain

    4 13.33%
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    Default Input wanted, DIY addon controller

    well, like the title states, and hopefully with input from Ean. I'm trying to incorporate the extra inputs of the MF in a second controller interface. Currently i'm in the stage of deciding the configuration for the inputs, and that's the reason for this post.

    Option 1: would be an extra fx controller
    8 way digital arcade joystick
    4 analogue sliders/knobs

    Option 2: would function as mixer support:
    4 push buttons to mark headphone cue on/off a/b/c/d
    4 analogue sliders for deck volume a/b/c/d

    Option 3: more designated fx
    4 buttons
    4 sliders/knobs

    Option 4: fx
    2 analogue joysticks
    4 pushbuttons

    once I have enough votes to make an assessment I will create the pcb and controller. hopefully everything goes well and i can supply these to you guys with MFs.

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    Default fx

    My preference would be to see either option 1 or 4. It would really depend on the mapping options ... how would the analog joysticks be mapped as opposed to the 8-way digital? My feeling is that 16 buttons is enough buttons so the other controls should be joysticks and sliders/knobs, but depending how you map the thing, pretty much any of these options would be really useful. But I don't think there's enough controls here to really handle mixing so it shouldn't try to be a mixer add-on.

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    mapping is a whole new beast to me, but I was thinking on option 1, using teh 8 way joystick to control 4 predefined fx, which you could combine adn roll through by moving it around, if i ran with 2 analogues, I was thinking something synth like for it, i'm still toying with TSP, just upgraded from duo about 2 months ago so I'm still finding new stuff.

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    I'm going to go ahead and start working on Option 1, with that, if you know of any inexpensive sources for parts, let me know, i'm going to go with 4 sliders for now and see how it looks, vs using rotary encoders

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    I consider midifighter a "special fx" dedicated controller + "hotcue madness".
    So 2 joystick is a fantastic idea,Should be marvelous having extra buttons to "change page" (nocturn style) Am I wrong?....

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    if anyone knows how to write TSI files please message me, i'm thinking of the following config:

    joystick up : scroll fx list up
    joystick down : scroll fx list down
    joystick left/right : beat sampler

    4 pots for dry/wet, fx, fx, fx

    if you have any better suggestions, please post them
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    Voted for other. Don't know whether this would be possible but what would be most appropriate for me would be a scratch wheel and x-fader. I wouldn't purport to be a DJ as such and really want something which I can use to scratch along with my own productions.

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    I would have thought an extra FX station would be optimal..... simply 4 rotary pots with 4 on/off buttons with maybe an extra button that scrolls which deck you assign fx to or it could be a shift function for scrolling effects using rotays, same as is done with VCI....
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    Option one will only work with a 4 output digital joystick so I assume by 8way you mean 4 ways (U/D/L/R) with the extra 4 ways being simultaneous combinations eg UR, UL, DR, DL

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    I want the 8 way joystick and faders... Joystick for a filter control like Bento originally did with his (I think he was the one who did that), but I would love to see the vertical be a pitch control for acapellas on top of the horizontal filter.

    Faders would be nice for some permanent volume controls so if I go faderFX I can still change volume (or just make those dedicated faderFX).

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