How do controllerists fade-in after another DJ?
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    Default How do controllerists fade-in after another DJ?

    OK, this is something that has been bugging me for quite some time. I have never owned CDJ'S or turntables, but I am pure controllerists based mostly on the fact that when I got interested in this stuff the internet was flooded with digital dj gear so I decided thats the future,its more efficient and I went that route. I play at clubs now weekly and I'm the opener for an afterhours club which isn't so bad because I more often than not play from about 11:00- 1:30, which I don't mind cuz it allows me to have a good time and drink afterwards. In turn I rarely mix after another DJ.

    But there is an issue thats bugging me which I am encountering more often. I use a VCI 100 SE therefore the pitch midi is not that precise. I need to know how you other controllerists mix in from another DJ's set. Is it even accurately possible to beatmatch from another DJ when I dont have 14 bit midi? I more often than not find myself just fading out the track or using endless tones to mix from another DJ's song in the booth. Which is kind of lame.

    How would I mix in from another DJ efficiently? Would I need to edit some midi commands and make a work around to the pitch problem??? Would I just settle for the pitch being off a little bit?? Help me out??? ....I don't have much practise beatmaching because of traktors visuals and sync, but im pretty sure I can wrap my head around it pretty quick. Also, im not looking to practise on CDJ's as I know some of you are gonna tell me, I just want to be able to use my gear and mix out from another DJ. And if there is a solution to get accurate pitch, how could I practise beatmatching???

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    I think your answering your own questions here. Learn how to beat match with your ears. Try to get the pitch right by using your ears. (Try humming the pitch to your self then humming again and listening on your cue) Not everything has to in numbers on your screen to be "right".

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    Learn to beatmatch manually. Turn off all the BPM readouts and give yourself as little detail in the wave form as possible. Set your jog wheel to pitch fade so you can have real accuracy. Pick songs and beatmatch.

    You can mix in TONS of ways without beatmatching and have it make sense, but it all takes practice and trial and error. But regardless, you can train yourself, even with Traktor, to beatmatch with your ears.
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    It can be anything from beatmatching your music over his, to simply letting the song finish slowly lowering the volume and throwing a nice intro with a different bpm.

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    When i follow up another dj i never have an issue. I just as accurate as i can with the pitch fader and keep using the wheel cdj style to keep it tight. Since i know how to spin vinyl and cdjs i can make adjustments on their end.
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