Dripping tap torture
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    Default Dripping tap torture

    Recently ive been using TP alot with my VCI trying to get my frist mix down. I have been maybe spending 5-6 hours a day fro the last week.

    However, just in the last two days I have found that certain frequencys from tracks are getting in my head and it feels like a dull kind of dripping tap torture in my head, like a dull thud that is there but isnt if you get my what im trying to say.

    Once i notice this happening it just seems to make it worse untill eventually I have to stop playing. Even afterwards I can still feel it, thuding away in my head. Its somewhat annoying and its sucking the enjoyment out of what im doing.

    Im not listening to anything really loud, however my speakers are really cheap, and the sound not great...

    Its hard to explain but it makes my head kinda of feel stuffy...

    Has anyone else suffered from the same affliction.... or is it all just in my head?

    Any other time in the past I could listen to house nonstop, I think now the difference is that im concentrating on the tracks more rather than just listening...
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    Sounds like you are getting a cold man, go get some decongestant and visit your doctor, if it is not that then just lay off the decks for a few days and see if it goes away, if not then book appointment at ENT clinic and get your ears checked out. If you are worried about tinitus then there are good resources online for diagnosing it.

    Don't mess with your ears mate, they are you most important resource!

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