VCI 3.4 is not working??
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    Default VCI 3.4 is not working??

    Hi all im in need of some help

    i downloaded the new 3.4 tsi file to test out the new mapping before i buy a overlay, its great but these are the problems im having

    when i click on any of the fx presets buttons nothing happens, im guessing it lights up the numbers in traktor pro

    when i turn scratch on its stops the vci from working, an randoms lights flash on and off

    im im using the fx knobs, sometimes the scratch light turns on and i cant use use the fx knobs on deck A as there controling deck C

    also cant choose number 1 in the control fx if the scratch is on??

    HELP im using the tsi file which has fix in it but nothings working

    thanks everyone who can help

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    What firmware is your vci? 1.2 or 1.3? Try the tsi file without the fix. I don't think everyone needs the tsi file with the fix, on some who were having some issues. Pretty sure you posted in the wrong place as well. This is the Midi-fighter section.
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