we should get started with a wiki
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    Default we should get started with a wiki

    hey guys..

    it has been mentioned by several ppl (including me), that a wiki for DJTT would be awesome to store and organize our common knowledge from the forums. the forum is great, but information gets kinda lost in old threads and old questions, which have been answered more than once come up everyday.

    i'm a total wiki noob (apart of using wikipedia ), but created one for DJTT. right now there is no information on it (just a link to bentos FAQs), but with everybody contributing a bit, it should grow quite fast.

    if DJTT doesn't support the idea, i can easily delete it, just wanted to do a start. and if anybody knows a better wiki system feel free to create one on our own. we just have to come to an agreement which one to use


    hope there are some peeps with me here
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    Sounds like a good idea man
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    right. discussions should still take place on the forum, but stuff like FAQ's and more importantly stuff about the MidiFighter (how to flash, how to create a custom lock, how to add a joystick) or the VCI-100 (links to the flash tool, how to flash, how to switch firmware version on a FW 1.3 VCI-100) goes there.

    i dont know the pbworks service, not sure how easily we could export the content in case we decide we do not like something in their service.

    a quick search turned up a few options that would give us integration with the forum:
    http://www.vaultwiki.org/products/Order-VaultWiki (free light version, but the full seems fairly cheap)
    http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=235342 (free?)
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    I like it.

    Important information that is discovered on the forum (and isn't just somebody's opinion of course) should be copied over to that. So that way we not only get stuff like mapping tricks with a vci, but we also get stuff like subwoofer placement, audio card info, maybe even song resources like links to those playlist threads that pop up every so often (I love those)

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