Rapid Evoloution 2 and Traktor Pro. Advice
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    Default Rapid Evoloution 2 and Traktor Pro. Advice

    I have recently got Rapid Evoloution 2 so I can analyse my music library for Key detection to improve my mixes.
    I tried mixed in key but it kept wrecking my id3 tags and some names etc.
    I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to set up RE2 with optimal setting to use with traktor pro.
    Also is it possible to analyse whole folders of tracks Key, without having to scroll through the menu clicking each one individually?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Hey ClitEastwood,

    For use with Traktor Pro I would recommend setting the key format of RE to "key code" (general tab). After it's done analyzing, select all files, right-click all and select tags - write. Also I would recommend disabling all auto-write functions in the tag tab (e.g. write into comments, with title,...). This way the key is written into the INITIALKEY field of the file, which can be displayed by traktor, at least the newer versions (1.2.x).
    As for the folders, you can just drag and drop your folders into the main window. You then have to only select "add all to library" (it might not be phrased exacly like this, but you'll find it).

    Hope that helps =)

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