Sia - Under The Milky Way (Nick F.M Remix)
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    Default Sia - Under The Milky Way (Nick F.M Remix)

    Here's a new mixdown of a remix I've just finished up, of Sia's cover of The Church's tune "Under The Milky Way". Let me know what you guys thinks. PM me if you would like a 320. I'll try to get them all out by the weekend.

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    Nice, feels like it needs more of a deeper rolling bassline to compliment the dubstep-ish percussion. I mean, the bass is there to be heard... I just think it would be better with more strength behind it, although this could just be the poor bitrate of the soundcloud player. Good stuff
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    Thanks a lot on the feedback.. I'll look into it more.
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    Bump..New mix down

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