VCI-100 with traktor pro: "tempo problems"
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    Default VCI-100 with traktor pro: "tempo problems"

    I'm using DJ TT new TSI (1003_4) with my VCI-100. and I can't seem to get my pitch range right.

    I want it to be like on a normal 1210 turntable in the middle +-0 and then up and down 8%.

    If I keep the knob in the middle and upload a new track I want it to be in its original bpm. I've been playing around some in the transport settings but can't seem to get it right. How do I make this happen?

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    Hold shift function on the deck you want to bring back to normal, and while holding shift bring back the pitch fader to the +-0 location and it should reset? Not sure what exactly you're asking but hope this works for you

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