opening for Designer Drugs! nu disco tracks?
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    Default opening for Designer Drugs! nu disco tracks?

    can anyone recommend some nu disco tracks that would get the crowd going?

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    ill stick some in as soon as i get home mate.

    But whilst you on DJTTs check out djmaxones mixes in the mixes thread.
    Theres a couple of good nu-disco mixes to pick apart.

    What kinda new disco you after . Can you give an example of the type of stuff you want cus it a pretty open genre.


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    Quote Originally Posted by munizj View Post
    can anyone recommend some nu disco tracks that would get the crowd going?
    Anything by The Revenge.

    Check out these labels

    Disco Deviance
    Super Value Special Edits
    Instruments of Rapture
    Tiger and woods
    under the shade
    Delusions of Grandeur
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    Oh, how I love playing with these guys. They reeeeally like the room to be severely drunk and ready to take their clothes off. Last time they came through Michael polished off most of a fifth of Jameson before he mixed in his first tune. Think misogynistic and whiskey-drunk and they'll remember you forever. Or not remember anything. I don't know. Sounds like fun.

    Oh, and the disco tunes. How's your knowledge of this kind of stuff? I've got a lot to suggest in this area of of music, but I don't want to insult your intelligence by listing a bunch of stuff you know/are sick of hearing already.

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    I dunno anyting about new disco but check out the most recent PUSH THE NIGHT podcast, its a dj podcast and they just did a special on nu disco!

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    First, congrats on the gig. they rock it every time i see them.

    second, this track got a nice reaction last week.

    p.s. the title of the video is misspelled. it should be

    Mute (Jokers of the Scene Remix)-The Brash

    also check out the original mix.

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    As others have asked would be good to know what kind of disco you're after. If you gave a sample track of the kind of sound you want it would be good!

    Beatport seems to call way too much stuff new disco, alot of it seems to have no disco vibes Maybe I'm missing something.

    Anyway, i'll have a stab in the dark at recommending you something. Anything by Grum is amazing melt your brain disco. He's been around for ages now but is starting to get alot of radio time which is great for him and the genre!

    Check these out:

    Oh and this too if you can bare the lyrics:

    Yeah I love grum. There are plenty of other artists out there too. If you like these tracks you could check out Aeroplane, Breakbot, Alex Metric, The Twelves, Titan, and maybe a bit of Riva Starr
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    Check Crazy P, Downtown Party Network, Woolfy, 6th Borough Project, Tensnake, Lindstrom. You can get away with some stuff tending towards deep house too; Motor City Drum Ensemble, Floating Points, Azari & 111 etc.

    I've got some nu-disco mixes on my soundcloud with tracklistings, though I usually go for moody stompers rather than unfettered cheese.

    And my favourite song to close at the moment;
    DJTT Nu Disco Mix Train Vol 1
    beats and balearic bobs in north-west london
    iTunes podcast

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    This ones a good blog.
    not to good with genres but i think it's full of a lot of nu disco.

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    any of the bloody beetroots remixes usually makes a good impression.

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