Should I sell Firmware kit?
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    Default Should I sell Firmware kit?

    Should I sell the firmware kit I used to update to firmware 1.3 for the VCI 100. Is there going to be an update in firmware to 1.4 and would I need it again?? Anyone know the anwser to these questions?
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    Keep it. When the guys get round to it i reckon there will be a new firmware version. I heard someone important talking about 1.4 a while ago, nothing concrete though.
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    I would keep it. You never know what other crazy stuff these guys could come up to in the future . What I'm needing is a Windows XP machine since my PC is win7 and the Macbook has bootcamp withwin7 as well ... I remember trying to update the firmware of the VCI on win 7 with no success then calling a bunch of people to see who had an XP machine.
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