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    I've been doing searches on these boards for 3 days now and I've only managed to find one or two posts.


    That post was helpful, but I have a more basic question before I begin digging further.

    Do LED's on a controller have control numbers that just need assigning and triggering via Traktor's "Output" setting, or do you need Bomes MT to control the behavior?

    I'm working on a mapping for the Mixmeister Control and there are a host of LEDs on this surface, and although they work fine and provide feedback when using the Mixmeister software, I'd rather use Traktor.

    For example, I'd like to control the LED for the Play button... it stays lit, but can go brighter to indicate that it is pressed.

    LEDs for the cue monitor buttons, etc...

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    You just need to assign an output command in Traktor to control leds. You don't need Bomes for basic functionality. Each controller is different (think different colors, brightness levels, etc) but the usual practice is that an led responds to an output message that's the same as the message sent when you press it. The value (or range) that you send it determines it's state. Usually 0=off, and 1-127 is on. But experiment with your controller to figure out what it reponds to.
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    thanks for the reply Zac.

    I'm going to give this a try tonight and post my progress.

    I love this forum...everyone is so helpful.


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