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    Hello DJTT,

    I currently use my mac but on my old windows based computer (compaq presario) how can i just delete everything and start from scratch again btw i dont have the discs the restore factory settings...
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    determine what drivers are available from the manufacturer support website. from there, you can deduct what operating system is best for that particular laptop. google the install procedure for whichever OS you are doing, it's pretty straight forward and painless really, especially Windows 7 if you are able to do so.

    also, run diagnostics on it to insure that the hardware is still performing up to snuff.

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    Check to see if there is a windows sticker on the side with a cd-key. If not use magic jelly bean (google it) that program will tell you your cd key. After that find a windows cd or download a retail one (not a hacked one) or find someone with the cd.

    there is also maybe a partition on the drive with the restore image. check in windows explorer or other drives like d: or e: .... if there is there will be a exe for it or you push a f# key in startup.

    Its a good idea to go to control panel, then system, device manager and note what soundcard, network card, video card you have.

    after reinstall go to compaq and get your drivers (video and sound you mght want to get from the cards site) You will want to be sure you install the intel inf drivers or the nforce motherboard drivers depending if you have amd or intel, these will make sure you have your usb ports and everything working right (the stock drivers can lead to problems)
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