Another Bome's trick for "scrubbing" through a track.
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    Default Another Bome's trick for "scrubbing" through a track.

    Let's say you're working on removing all use of the mouse from your setup, so you've been working hard on watching what functions you really use and remapping your controller to match your style.

    One action that I find myself using the mouse to do a lot is jumping into a track to get to the good bit. I load a track where I haven't had time to search out all the good cue points but I need to get to the start of the big breakdown. I load the track, reach for the mouse and click on the deck "stripe" to jump to the area, then I use the scratch plate to scroll to the accurate starting point.

    In the video editing world the large jump is known as a "scrub" and the fine positioning as a "jog". It would be handy if I could vary the speed at which the scratch plate motion moves me through the track. Well, using Bome's you can do that.

    Set a rule in Bome's that checks for a KeyUp/KeyDown and set a Global Variable to, say, 3 if that key is being held down and resets it to 1 when you get the keyup. We then apply that value as a "multiplier" to the jog wheel CC messages using a second rule, so that every movement on the jog wheel is larger when the key is held down. Jog wheel CCs are signed-64 values where 64=0 and larger numbers are positive, smaller numbers are negative, so to get this right we need to take the incoming CC value, subtract 64, scale it, add 64 and clamp the result to within the range 0..127.

    Voila, choose a key to be the toggle switch (I chose the Sync button on my VCI-100 as I never use it) and another mouse operation removed.

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    Good post as always
    With the DaScratch looming with its Bomes midi implementation i bet we will have a lot more translator heads around here in time !

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    I use my keyboard for this. I assign the beat jump for Decks A & B as follows:

    Deck A
    q w (-1/2 / +1/2)
    a s (-4 / + 4)
    z x (-8 / + 8)

    Deck B
    [ ] (-1/2 / +1/2)
    ; ' (-4 / + 4)
    . / (-8 / + 8)

    Try it. You'll love it.
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