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    So The club I just got a gig at Loved my mixing the said it sounded very professional and clean. The Problem is they said that most of their Audiences usually respondes well to techno,house,dance,trance my problem is I usually only spin liquid DnB. So what Im asking what is a good type of DnB thats more dancy and could mix well with liquid? any suggestions would Be very helpful I appreciaet you all.
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    I would hang around there for a night or two and get a good idea of what the punters dance to. when its your night, i would start off with something similar to that, and slowly sneak in some d&b later on. So maybe start off with some cheesey electro, move into some techier stuff and bring in some subtle breaks and then whammo! drum & bass time
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    Id spin some electro influenced dnb like this :<a hr...dhCn8xS0bg</a>

    Edit: hrmph it appears the youtube plugin has broken, i need to fix that !

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    Go there a few times, see if you can make friends with the DJs

    and hop on Beatport/Juno or whatever and buy the top House, Techno, Dance and Trance and start working.
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