Need help moving over my traktor an mixed in key to new account
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    Default Need help moving over my traktor an mixed in key to new account

    Hi all I have two accounts of my MacBook pro, and was wondering how I would move over my traktor pro and mixed in key without having to pay for anything again?? Also wondering if people use two different accounts on the MacBook or Pc for djing... Thanks

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    Don't you have product keys for both? Unless you downloaded them illegally
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    traktor supports 2 or 3 installs off one key, but not all running at the same time.

    when i set-up my dual boot on laptop, i backed up all my traktor data (collection, playlists, tsi's etc...) from my documents folder. uninstalled all ni related stuff. went to new 'traktor boot' and reinstalled it all, popped in prod key and it all worked fine.

    however, as you're on a mac (which i know FA about) all i can do is ask a couple of questions that may lead you in the right direction.
    1) do you mean dual boot style thing? or a second user account?
    2) if a second user in same boot/system, can't you run traktor from it as it's on the same system as current user? or tell your mac to allow this?

    if answer to 2 is yes, then you should need only at most to log into service center in new user and everything will work fine as before, but you will need to copy the traktor data to that user

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    For MiK just email the MiK guys and double check the amount of installs you get. They should be able to help you out, and they are really nice.
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