Xone 32 mixer vs. Pioneer djm 400
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    Default Xone 32 mixer vs. Pioneer djm 400

    What should i get?

    I have the xone 32 right now.. good mixer but i feel like i need to get used to the club standard djm 800.. do you think if i pick up the djm 400 it will accomplish this

    does anyone have any of these mixers and how do you like them?

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    I have used the 32, 92 as well as the 400 and 800.
    The only difference between the mixers is number of channels and effects.

    (Personal preference I've got the xone 3D (92 mixer) so I am naturally biased.)

    These are all awesome mixers, but going from a 400 to an 800 is about the same as a 32 to an 800. besides the effects interface, they are ridiculously similar.

    I wouldn't spend money changing to a 400, if you think you absolutely NEED the club standard save your pennies and by the 800...
    as well as some cdj 1000s... and some cdj 2000s...

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    im thinking if i use the 400 i will get use to the effects and such that the 800 has...

    since i never get a chance to use a pioneer mixer i am unfimiliar with the effects on the pioneer which kind of sucks.. i would love to learn how to use them

    thats why i think i should get the djm 400 practice the effects etc so i can be prepared for the 800 at clubs

    the djm 800 is just too expensive for me :|

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    If you use Traktor I would just use those effects.
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