Kontrol X1 tips and tricks?
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    Default Kontrol X1 tips and tricks?

    Woohoo! I just opened my new Kontrol X1 It looks sick.

    Just wondered if anybody had any tips, tricks, cool mappings they had made?

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    purchasing my kontrol x1.... REALLY soon
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    I just got two of these bad boys last week and they still mapping needs some adjusting. I started a thread but not many replies.


    Guess lots of folks havent jumped on them yet, since they have been sold out for a while.

    I want to mimic as many of the great functions the VCI mapping here has. One click to get to your library and once a song is clicked you go back. I mapped shift and dry wet to switch from advanced to chain settings. I have a default effect for each of the buttons when in advanced. Once in chain mode I'd like to use shift and knob to scroll thru effects and use the buttons to get to a saved effect. Hotcue mode - need to set a play button to keep a hotcue playing when you press it off a cold start. Kinda like the juggle mode button works. In MIDI mode I mapped the effect armyofme has up her youtube. will probably do the same for the rest of the knobs.

    Thats all I can think for now.......I need some doing all of this as I am novice mapper. Maybe we can a few us here to each do a part of the mapping and create something pretty damn tight. The X1 forum on the NI site doesn't have much to offer as far as mappings go.

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