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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if someone can help me. I was just
    looking for a decent dj controller just to mess with. I was thinking on getting the numark omni but was wondering how the scratching felt on the jog wheel. I am not planning on using just the scratching but it would be good if it worked well. If not I was also thinking about the i-mix reload since they are in the same price range. Any opinions?
    pros and cons of the two?
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    i would say the numark one, purely because i used to be a numark fanboy. also not that familiar with i-mix's stuff, but they have a horrible 'budget' feel to them for me

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    omni would most likely be your best route between those. I jumped for the Hercules Steel myself and have been using it for 9 months or so and I can't even dream of using another midi mixer... until they make a new one lol :-) although, be weary of built in sound cards on bus powered devices, running just a multi I/O sound card on 500 mA is a feat in itself, adding 50 LEDs and MIDI control over the same line, in my opinion, is a disaster waiting to happen. An easy remedy would be just to purchase a powered hub!
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    Thank You
    I'm still going to look around but, for now im going either for the omni or stealth.

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    I just made my first purchase and for a controller I bought an Akai LPD8 (thanks to all you nice people on this website for the excellent tip).

    Reason being is because:

    1. It's very can get them for 70$. This is nice because you aren't making a huge investment as with a full out midi controller with jog wheels etc., yet can still do a lot. I plan on getting the vci-100 se soon but this is a perfect solution for now while I am still learning. Not to mention, when I do get the vci I can just add this lpd8 to my set-up for extra effects or whatever I need.

    2. Not only can you map all of the buttons, there are also knobs as well which I cannot wait to use having just been using virtual dj software eqs.

    3. It's super small and lightweight, i.e. I don't need to clear a bunch of room to set it up.

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