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    i only got like 2 questions bout it

    what dates did it run from - to? [start - end]

    did anyone go? how much money was it to enter + hotels and flight and etc. i'd like to go if next yr but idk if it wud happen cuz of school

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    Most people don't even go to the real "conference" part anymore... parties range anywhere from Free to $150 to enter, but there are so many good parties that are free and/or cheap, like $10. Hotels are expensive s hell even for sh!t hotels. They jack their prices up as soon as the dates get released. Dates get announced in October, but they are generally the last full week in March every year. How much money do you need? Well including the hotel and what dates you wanna go, and what parties you wanna go to, I would plan on spending like $1,500-2,500 plus a flight if you are coming from afar... Its not cheap, but you can save money if you are smart...
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