how to cue properly with my denon cd player using traktor Scratch Pro
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    Default how to cue properly with my denon cd player using traktor Scratch Pro

    I was wondering why cant i cue any track properly with my denon 6000. I mean when u use a normal audio cd & you try cueing the track at a particular point you get the exact point. But its not happening in the case of traktor while using the time coded cd's. For eg:- I try to cue a track on TRaktor Scratch with the time coded cd in my denon 6000, if i want that particular point starting with the kick or snare i cant cue it properly. I keep moving the jog dial on my denon 6000 but when i press the cue button it does not cue at that point. Its always either little behind or little infront if i look at the waveform on traktor. Is this got some issue with my latency. If so can you help me out with the latency settings. As while using traktor scratch i wanna be able to cue any track with my jog dial of the denon 6000 cd player other den doing it on traktor and marking the cue points.

    Thanks alot.

    Neil Fernandes.

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    read this

    would be great if you can comment the post, the more people we are, the faster this issue will be corrected

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