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    Default Setting the hotcues

    I'm currently kinda struggling with the hotcues in Traktor. I want to use those and I have some kind of thought about how to place the hotcues. But I'm wondering how you use those hotcues. And what I really want to know is if you use a specific position for that hotcue (like 32beats before the end or right when the beat starts)

    So here is my list:
    1. Intro beat
    2. First full beat (32 beats before the end of this beat in a loop of 8)
    3. Break (Obviously at the start of the break)
    4. Full Beat (32 beats before the end of this beat in a loop of 8)
    5. Break (Obviously at the start of the break)
    6. Last Full Beat (32 beats before the end of this beat in a loop of 8)
    7. Outro beat
    8. Beat Grid

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    I just set the cues at points of the song that are good to fade in/out and also at the breakdowns. You can usually tell where the 32 count is before the fade in/out point is by ear and looking at the waveform.

    I'm pretty sure there is already a couple of threads and even aricles in the blogs that explain this subject. So start digging!!!
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    I personally drop Cues at the very beginning of the song, the first kick, the first verse (be it vocals in a track with a singer, or where the melody begins) and then the first chorus.

    Other than that, anywhere 'interesting' in the song. Vocal bits you want to use, sounds you want to sample, etc.


    There's no real cut and dry way to do it, but if you find a system that works for you and stick with it for all your tracks, it'll pay off.
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    beat marker on the one, load marker on the two - the rest ist filled (if so) randomly...!

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    I care about just a couple things with regards to cues:

    1)I want them to give me information
    2)Serve a structural purpose (load, grid)
    3)Be useful place to jump to.

    Or all three at once. As far as cues I'll actually jump to and play, it really has to be something I know will serve the mix. Like - I won't drop a cue at a super dense chorus that I know I'll never be playing on top of another track, just because its a chorus. It's a waste of a cuepoint.

    For informational purposes, I use the orange "fade in/fade out" flags. I don't actually fade anything in or out, it's just telling me stuff like "lyrics start here", or "tempo changes there". Really helps with being aware of structure while everything is all chaotic at the party.

    Of course things like load and grid markers are kind of a loss of cue points, but I'll try and use them as actual jump-to points as much as possible.
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