i saw this ipad hack, and the gears are turning on its use for music...
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    Default i saw this ipad hack, and the gears are turning on its use for music...

    the ipad isnt doing the processing, it just acts a touchscreen mirroring the desktop of the linked computer. probably not useful for most music apps but ableton does have a zoom function for its sections. at the very least it should be fun drawing shit in piano roll mode


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    this app would be sick if OSx supported multi-touch functions similar to the OS on the iPad. I would say the hell with all the dj app, and just work directly with traktor
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    Yup all dependant on the server app like itouchmidi. Mac os DOES support multi touch, same kext as iphone, just gotta utilize it right, someone's done it already i bet, although... Each app would have to be written to call this kext as there is no GLOBAL multitouch function... Hhmmmm...
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