LED Behavior Pt. 2
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    Default LED Behavior Pt. 2


    I just want to confirm a few things with everyone (my searches have come up with nothing clear)

    Mapping LED behavior:

    In this example, I have mapped a button with LED to toggle Monitor Cue for Deck A.

    Let's say the note for that button is E7

    In order for the LED to light up, I assume I create an Add Output and simply learn or ad the note E7.

    I've tried trial and error with Blend, Invert, range, etc...but still no light.

    I realize that this may be a mapping 101 question, but I've honestly searched and only find posts about the hot cue LED issue. In those threads I seem to be missing the fundamentals of the whole Output thing altogether.



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    You're on the right track. Generally the output you want is the same note # as the input. For basic behavior, the led will have blend and invert unchecked. The controller range corresponds to messages about command status or modifier state, don't worry about it for now, just use 0 min, 1 max as a basic rule of thumb. The midi range corresponds to messages the led can receive. Usually, 0=off and 1 to 127=on, so if you want an led to be able to turn off and on, you'd put 0 min, 127 max. Different controllers may do different things though, ie, a value of 2 could turn the led blue, and 3 could turn it red, so you've just gotta experiment
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