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    Default Thoughts on a setup

    I'm looking on getting a setup, whereas till now I've just been using my computer, a maya44, and a mixer. I want a bit more control, so here's my thoughts, please give recommendations and thoughts on the setup.

    I'll be using a 2 Channel mixer and 2 turntables that I already have... What are some good needles? Because I need some new ones

    Traktor Kontrol x1 - For FX and play pause sync functions
    MidiFighter - When available I'll grab this guy for cue points... But in the mean time...
    Korg Nanopad - - using this for cue points. Should I use the Akai LPD8? I just don't like that it has less pads

    Soo... Computer, turntables(two), audio 4 sound card, 2 channel mixer, traktor kontrol x1, and Korg Nanopad/Midi Fighter. My only problem is that I would like some jot wheels for fx control, but I would rather not have a built in mixer like in the vci-100 (and the vci-100se and things like the otus are too expensive for my taste)...

    What do you think?
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    better choose the lpd8, the xy-pad on the nano one tends to break easily, as i have heard recently!

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    I have both the nano pad and the ldp8 I think the akai is the better of the 2 the butttons are much more resposive and the x y pad on the nano is fun but not as responsive as a koas pad
    for example
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    tbh for 50 the xy pad is perfect, get what you pay for at the end of the day, and it makes effects fun

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    with DVS you will be entertained and busy enough for this amount of additional control. I'd say Traktor DVS and one controller (like X1) should do. although i can see usability in midifighter as well - it depends what you want to do.
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