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    Default question regarding software

    Hey ive been djing for around a year now and use 2 pioneer cdj 400s and djm 400. Ive played numerous parties but am now moving on to the club scene. I know if you use software the industry standard for clubs is usually serato scratch live. I have been using virtual dj and like it. Is using virtual dj in clubs with cdjs looked down upon since most use serato, or is it simply just personal choice? The hefty $700 price tag on serato has me wanting to stick with vdj for the time being.


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    I'd love to say that "all that matters is that you rock the house", and for the most part this is true.

    I've been playing DVS since the very first version of Final Scratch (think round audio interface) and as the lead resident at the club, it prompted the other DJs (those of whom wanted to go software) to buy the same thing I had. Some of the DJs bought SSL. As far as standards go, I would venture to guess that it's about 50/50, but more than it'll be either SSL or TSP.

    DJ's with egos are everywhere... you may get flack for not using one of the two standards, but I wouldn't worry about using VDJ anymore than I would if I were using Torq. Let your set do that talking.
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    Do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I use both Virtual DJ and Traktor pro and switch between the two a lot.

    I personally prefer Traktor over Virtual DJ as it has so many more features and is way more customisable (is that even a word?) and allows you to have it set up exactly how you want. Whereas virtual DJ is far more restricted in terms of everything from how your soundcard is set up, allowing only one MIDI controller and effects are pretty much useless in virtual DJ.

    On a positive note, Virtual DJ does have a extremely easy to read sound wave layout so if you do long transitions this can be useful, especially when it choses to beatgrid a track way off the actual beat. Despite that though, I think Traktor feels more like 'real' DJing as it has no overlapping soundwaves, making it all down to using your ears and knowing your tracks.

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    JamesT brings up a good point as he uses two programs.

    Now that you're gonna be in the club atmosphere, you may find that your skill level and confidence will grow, and your choice of software will change. You may find yourself switching back and forth, or even switching altogether as your needs and gear change.

    Being that this is a controllerism-centric site, a move to a more customizable MIDI friendly program like Traktor might be in your future.


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    buy a used sl1 box for like $350 and you'll cheaper access to serato
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