brand new 10min videomix. please take a look,thx
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    Default brand new 10min videomix. please take a look,thx

    hey y´all,finally i had a chance to record a little spontanious videomix using one old numark turntable, a bcd3000 and a nanopad all together with VDJ. Actually i try to get into controllerism, but thistime i mostly concentrated on a fluid mix with video effects. This is what i usually do with audio only, but now i got into videos... like a next step of evolution for me

    I hope you will enjoy this little taste of what i do, if you do please rate or leave a comment or spread it to the world...

    1.Beatstreet Intro
    2.Eric B. & Rakim - paid in full
    3.White Stripes - ring my doorbell
    4.special Ed - i got it made
    5.rakim - international known
    6.Ice Cube - You can do it
    7.Cypress Hill - Insane in the membrain
    8.Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
    9.Lisa Lisa - take you home
    10.Beatstreet breakdances
    11.Michael Jackson - Beat it
    12.The Offspring - pretty fly for a white guy
    thanks y´all,

    advanced dj special_K a.k.a novice VJ Dusty Digital

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    come on guys, dont disappoint me, 120 viewers yet and no respond? What´s up with y´all, still recovering from the weekend i guess....

    Any comment is welcome, the good, the bad or the ugly... it doesnt matter, aslong as i get some decent feedback from y´all.

    thx, peace

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    Some of the video doesn't match good with the it an issue with uploading it to youtube?

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    hi there. thx for your respond.

    i dont know for sure if youtube is the reason, as this is the first time i did record and upload a video to youtube. It could be that i made some mistakes during the upload process....idk. But now it is so that the video is like a half second off beat.Sad but true.The original file has been .avi, with no miss-matching at all. I formated it into .flv because off the data-size.Still no miss-matching. And then on youtube it starts to drift apart....

    But i dont care sooo much, as this is the first time i gone through this whole process, and im glad that the outcome is as good as it is, in my eyes

    Besides the off-beat video, how do y´all like the video?

    thanks for all further responses.

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    Not bad for your first attempt. Dunno how crazy I am about the video transitions, but I don't have any expertise in that department to offer good constructive criticism.

    I noticed that there were some transitions where there's just a beat for a between White Stripes / Special Ed. When I hear something like that I think live 'Mixshows' where DJ's play a beat so someone can talk over it...ya know?

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    hey there again ,

    The parts where´s just a beat is like introductions to special parts of the mix i wanted to kind of highlight, like white stripes/special ed, the beatpart is the intro the the beatjuggle i did during special ed. Also the beatpart at the end when MJ goes over to offspring, the beatpart is kinda intro the the "mash"

    If it whould´nt be a one-take, i surely whould have added some scratches and voice-cuts over the beatparts as i do when i record audio only.

    But please keep in mind that at the beatparts, theres always two tracks playing at once, also at the breakdance-parts.

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    aint no other opinions about my video yet? guess then y´all dont like it that much...

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