My 10 week old baby girl loves house!
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    Default My 10 week old baby girl loves house!

    I am a recovering vinyl dj who just got back to having fun after a 10 yr hiatus. Anyway, I've been eyeing the vci for a couple years now, anyway the wife finally gave in for my birthday this year, broke down and bought me one, and complained about how I would never have time to mix with a young one in the house. Turns out, deep/tech house is the only thing that will put my baby girl to sleep! I am having a blast exploring my vci and the opportunities and it's so much fun to rub it in my girls face. She's a good woman, don't get me wrong, we partied back in the day. But it's so nice that some good rhythmic drums put my baby to sleep and my woman in her place.

    I had some problems starting out, but thanks to DJTT for helping me work out the kinks......I'm loving my music yet again!

    Put that in your crib and smoke it!

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    Congrats on the baby girl and the win over your wife
    Just don't get used to winning...

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