Just had a phone call from someone wanting to book me to play this sat (17th april) for a birthday bash. They were hoping to hold the event in the place I used to play at as that's where they spotted me & had a really good time & the sound system was kicking. Problem is the venue has closed down for the time being due to bullshit politics and she has only just found that out. She still wants to book me but is now stuck for a venue. I know it's short notice but I thought I'd put a post on here in the slim chance someone might have somewhere in mind in London where she can hold the bash.

Only a small venue is required as it's not going to be a massive crowd for her birthday. If a bigger venue is available I'm sure they will be fine with having general public there. They are looking to have a couple of live acts at the start of the night at around 6pm (so won't interrupt the rest of the night say if it kicks off at like 8 or what ever). The live acts will consist of a couple of singers performing a few songs each with acoustic guitars, they will provide mics & I can sound engineer or they will provide their own sound guy. After the live acts I will kick off the DJ set (I play a big mash up of genres & think that's kinda what she wants all night... not a straight night of minimal tech or anything like that cos it'll be a mixed crowd).

SO... I know it's a long shot & short notice but if anyone out there has a residency in a small club or bar & is happy to mix it up all night get in touch. We can go back to back. Obviously she will pay so if you are getting paid already from the venue you can get half of my fee too. Just remember to try blag her getting the venue for free (or cheap as poss) as any hire fees will potentially lower our fees as she doesnt want to blow a fortune... it's just a birthday bash remember.

Any ideas welcome.