Soundcard for my setup
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    Default Soundcard for my setup


    I'm new to all this Digital DJ, but I like to play around.
    So I bought myself a Vestax VCI-100, Akai MPD24 and M-Audio Axiom 25.
    Now these are all USB Controllers.
    What would be a good Soundcar to connect all these together.
    I'm looking at using FL Studio for Production, and Traktor for some Mixing.
    Any other recommondations about the software?

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    you don't need multiple channels. Those are all controllers of the software. For internal mixing you need 2 channels (right and left) and headphone channel thats about. If you don't plan on adding any inputs an Audio 2 would do the trick. I personally have not used one. Use an Audio 8 and the sound quality is awesome. Perhaps one of the guys here can give you a review of an Audio 2.

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    As an A2DJ user, I can vouch for its quality. To play out is a great little soundcard for internal mixing.

    I see you are also interested in going down the production road too. In that case I would suggest something with some input channels as well as the 4 outputs (2 stereo pairs). As a minimum I would suggest 2 inputs, and at least one of those with a mic pre-amp on it. You never know when you need a voice or sound snippet for a mix (think vocoder for the mic, not Lady Gaga. LOL) Plus, you need an input for the sampler some times...

    I just picked up a Audio Kontrol 1 which does all the above, but there are MANY choices out there. Spend some time looking: Motu, Presonus, Emu, Focusrite, etc. and that is probably less than half the companies that make something that could suite your needs.

    Have fun, Phil.
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