I played on professional jog wheels on CD mixers etc. I use Hercules MK2 and has an issue with speeding or slowing down the mix to catch the beat. It skips too far then stalls to too far back then stalls.

I noticed I can use the pitch control to adjust for better mixing but I like using the jog wheel for a more better feel.

Is there any setting you guys do to Traktor to make the jogwheel becone a good mix adjuster like most jog wheels.

I should be able to spin the jog wheel faster (clockwise to speed upmix, counterclock wise to slow down mix).

I read on other forums to set the jogwheel to the tempo. This does help but I have spin the jogwheel back the original speed when mix is on beat to stay the same speed.

If you know what I am talking about please help and reply with any tips or work arounds.