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    I'm visiting family here in Korea and became infatuated with a black VCI-100 I saw on a side trip to Tokyo. Now, I haven't touched anything DJ-related for almost ten years, but screwing around with the VCI-100 in Tokyo rekindled some sort of fire. I should have bought it there on the spot (~$400 US) but thought I might be able to find it cheaper here in Korea (wrong! Try twice as much as in Japan).

    So... Since returning from Japan a week ago, I've scoured Japanese internet shops and attempted to make three separate purchases all of which fell through for one reason or another. BUT, I finally found a site where the purchase went through followed up by a confirmation from a real-live person with an estimated delivery date.

    Now I can't wait to get back to the States and my music collection.

    Just wanted to share what made my day!

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    HELLZ YEAH! Make some tunes!
    When we all make music, the God Spirit travels out of our bodies and we become one with each other. And for just a second, there is no war, greed, or hate in the world, just music, the celebration of life. (and usually a party, which is good too!)

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