LPD8 Map for use with Scratch Pro
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    Default LPD8 Map for use with Scratch Pro

    Hi there,

    Does anyone have an LPD8 that they use alongside Scratch? If so would you share your tsi and workflow for some ideas for me?

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    There's a good tsi in the mapping forum for an all-in one controller. I use mine with Traktor Scratch not pro, so it won't work for me. One day I'll get around to upgrading, but I'm pretty happy with what I've got now. I I have it set up for loops and FX. Top row is for deck A, bottom row is deck B for the most part. I ran out of knobs when mapping effects, so I set them to focus rather than being dedicated to a certain deck. I could have used a couple more pages to give myself more controls, but I would forget what did what real quick.
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