Help needed with Traktor Dj studio 3,,soundcards setup
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    Default Help needed with Traktor Dj studio 3,,soundcards setup

    hi peeps
    I'm new to the website and to the DJ WORLD hopping to give my best.

    I'm stuck with a little problem here now. Currently using traktor d studio 3 as i love the Nativeinstrument recording feature! sigmatel internal sound card 2 channel O/P and an external USB speed link sound card with a 2C O/P too.

    I can't make use of the usb card using traktor as i can't set it up as monitor for my headphones though i have installed Asio4all driver and could see both cards in traktor setup but it's not working, i still hear the same track on both cards! grrr.

    I also have VIRTUAL DJ of which i can easly set up my monitor and master outputs to my two sound cards with no peoblems! but i don't prefer to write a mix with VD as it doesn't provide the same feature Traktor does.

    Please advise me what to do.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    sry Traktor naturaly doesn't support 2 soundcards.. i heard that there is workaround with universal ASIO4all drivers also. I think on theese boards there might be couple of guys who succesfully managed it to work... good luck finding them.

    personaly i tried to get it working once, but documentation for ASIO4all is seriously lacking in depth. so i'm curious too.
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    It finally worked!!
    1. Download and install asio4all on your computer ( for PC).
    2. You must have the two sound cards plugged in and activate them from asion4all GUI control.
    3. Start Traktor and go to audio setup
    4. Choose the ( assio4all v ) as your sound card.
    5. Set your output tracking as you may need them for monitor and master controls.
    6. Apply settings.
    7. Load two tracks on deck A & B. Hit play on both.
    8. Move the fader all the way to deck A or B. you will have this track playing on your master.
    9. on the other deck press play, you won't hear anything in your headphones until you PRESS CUE BUTTONE ON THE DECK CHANNEL STRIP.
    10. Cue up and enjoy!

    if you need any further explanation, just ask me.

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